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XC League Rules - 2024
The rules and changes for the current year.

1 Entry Requirements

1.1 Pilot Qualifications

Entry to the XC League is open to all flying members of the BHPA who have a Pilot or higher rating. The Pilot exam demonstrates the knowledge and skills necessary for XC planning, in particular for avoiding restricted airspace.

If you are a Club Pilot and interested in XC flying, you can enter your flights provided you are flying within the coaching environment of your club. The following conditions must be met:

  • You must have a full understanding of the airspace you will be flying in and must have been briefed beforehand by a qualified pilot.
  • You must pass your Pilot exam as soon as possible, if not in the current season then before the end of the next. Not doing so may result in your flights being removed.

It is the responsibility of the pilot to ensure that their BHPA membership is current and any flights made when not a member will be removed. Non-UK residents entering flights into the Overseas League must have either full BHPA membership or a UK FAI card.

1.2 Glider Class and Launch

The XC League is open to all classes of paragliders (and hang gliders, where applicable). It is the responsibility of the pilot to meet any BHPA requirements in terms of ratings and registration appropriate to the glider they are flying. Tandem gliders are allowed but only the pilot in command scores. Launches can be from a hill or winch.

1.3 Entry Fee

An single entry fee is required for the main National and Overseas leagues. If your club league is listed, you can enter flights into this without having to pay and if your flight qualifies for the National league you can opt to enter this as well.

If you decide to pay the entry fee later on in the season, any qualifying flights from your club league will be automatically entered.

1.4 Entry Dates

The XC League runs annually from 1st November to 31st October. A Winter League ends on the last day of March. Pilots must submit their flight within four weeks, with the latest possible entry by 7th November.