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XC League Rules - 2024
The rules and changes for the current year.

2 Leagues

2.1 General

The XC League comprises two main leagues (National and Overseas) and numerous club leagues. Scoring in all these leagues is based on a pilot's six highest scoring flights.

2.2 National League

The National League is for UK flights and is open to all qualified pilots, the only restriction being the minimum distance required for a flight and the payment of an entry fee. The scores of the top 4 pilots of each club are used to produce the Club Flights league and award the Best Club trophy.

2.3 Overseas League

The Overseas League is for flights made outside of the UK by qualifying pilots and is subject to an entry fee.

2.4 Club Leagues

Club leagues are hosted at the request of the club and have lower minimum distance requirements. If a flight qualifies for the main league it can be automatically entered into this if the pilot wishes.

Because of the lower Minimum Distances, the situation may arise where a flight type might be valid in a club league but not for the main leagues. For example, a Triangle that is smaller than the minimum distance for the main leagues will only be valid in these leagues as a Turnpoint Flight. In this case the pilot must chose the type of flight to be entered - either a Triangle for the club league or a Turnpoint Flight for the club and main leagues. A flight can only be entered as a single flight type.

2.5 Club Membership

A pilot may be a member of more than one club and the XC League accommodates this situation. A pilot has a main club, for whom they score in the Club Flights league, and as many secondary clubs that they are a member of. If these clubs have a club league, the pilot's qualifying flights will be automatically entered.

A pilot can change their main club if they have 3 or less flights that qualify for the National league. Only one change can be made in the XC year and this change is irreversible.

A pilot may change any secondary clubs that they are a member of throughout the XC year. If a change of club results in flights qualifying for that club's league, all qualifying flights for the entire XC year will be entered. Pilots are advised to check with the club beforehand that this is acceptable.

The XC League does not check club membership. If a club asks us to remove a pilot's flights because they are not a member, or because they have recently joined for a competitive advantage, we will do so.

2.6 Glider Display

The glider shown in the league tables is the one that was flown on the highest scoring flight for that league.

2.7 Pilot Identity

The identity of a pilot (name and gender) is taken from the details supplied upon registration, which should match BHPA records or may be proved by an identification document issued by or on behalf of the government of the participant's country or country of residence, as per FAI rules. A pilot may request a change to these details provided that no flights have been entered for the current XC year.