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XC League Rules - 2023
The rules and changes for the current year.

5 Policing & Airmanship

5.1 General

The XC League is actively policed for the fairness of all competitors. In general, the flight evidence is examined and the flight is checked for airspace compliance. Flights that are submitted without the appropriate proof, or those which infringe airspace will be deleted from the XC League.

5.2 Airspace Infringements

Although an airspace infringement may result in prosecution, the CAA views this as an option of last resort, preferring a policy of education where the pilot is debriefed and made aware of any errors they may have made.

If your flight infringes airspace it will be deleted from the XC League and we will send you an email asking you to acknowledge that you fully understand the airspace in this area. You may include any mitigating circumstances or other observations and the information will be treated confidentially. Its main purpose is to record that you have been debriefed, but it may help to highlight any shortcomings in airspace information, or pilots' understanding of it.

5.3 Parachute Drop Zones

For the purpose of the XC League active Parachute Drop Zones and Parachute Jump Exercises are treated as controlled airspace which must be avoided. It is every pilots responsibility to check NOTAMs and determine activity status before the flight.

5.4 Cheating

Cheating and poor airmanship may lead to disqualification with publicity. Pilots wishing to protest another pilot for poor airmanship or cheating should do so within one month of the flight concerned.