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XC League Rules - Flights
Flight types, minimum distances, multipliers and other rules.

Standard Flights

Standard Flights are where you fly cross-country in whatever direction you wish, which is usually downwind. You can enter your flight as either an Open Distance or a Turnpoint Flight.

Open Distance

Open Distance flights do not have any turnpoints and will score the straight-line distance from the start point to the finish point. Note that the start and finish points do not have to be your takeoff and landing.

Open Distance
UK local records
FAI category: Straight distance
General: 306.8km (Richard Carter 2018)
Female: 253.3km (Kirsty Cameron 2021)
Tandem: 185.0km (Hugh Miller & Andrew Craig 2018)

Turnpoint Flight

A Turnpoint Flight is an open distance flight with a start and finish point, and up to 3 intermediate turnpoints. This means that you can use flight optimization software to compute your best distance. The start and finish points may be different to the actual takeoff and landing points.

Open Distance
UK local records
FAI category: Free Distance using up to 3 turnpoints
General: 317.1km (Richard Carter 2018)
Female: 265.3km (Kirsty Cameron 2021)
Tandem: 192.4km (Hugh Miller & Andrew Craig 2018)