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XC League Rules - Changes
The rule changes over the years.

Rule Changes for 2013

The following changes were implemented for this season:

  1. Triangle multipliers reduced
  2. Sea Cliffs renamed to Coastal Flights
  3. Retired original criteria for free distance triangle records

1. Triangle multipliers reduced

Multipliers are always contentious and last season's batch of declared FAI triangles provoked the usual mix of admiration for the flights and some disenchantment at the high scores. It seemed timely that we should review all multipliers and this has resulted in the following changes for triangles:

  • FAI Triangle (15km): Down from 2.2 to 2.0
  • FAI Triangle (25km): Down from 2.8 to 2.6
  • FAI Triangle (Declared): Down from 3.75 to 3.3

2. Sea Cliffs renamed to Coastal Flights

Renamed the definition and clarified it to include lochs as an upwind feature.

3. Retired original criteria for free distance triangle records

The original criteria for free distance FAI triangle records required that the start/finish was at one of the turnpoints and was left over from pre-tracklog scoring days. In 2012 we implemented a new way of scoring these records, using our standard triangle criteria (and based on FAI rules from 2008).

However, having two categories is not ideal. The original method does not fit how triangle flights are now scored (where the start/finish can be along a leg, rather than at a turnpoint) and the lack of software to score these flights requires manual calculation which is both tedious and potentially innaccurate.

In future, free distance triangle records will be awarded using the standard triangle criteria, which allows a start/finish circuit gap to be anywhere around the course. Previous records awarded using the original criteria will not be affected.