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XC League Rules - Changes
The rule changes over the years.

Rule Changes for 2009

The following change was implemented for this season:

  1. Single turnpoint for sea cliff flights

1. Single turnpoint for sea cliff flights

Last year we tried to solve the contentious ridge-lift issue by abandoning the definition for inland flying, but applying it to flights on sea cliffs. Coupled with the new two-tier band of multipliers, these changes proved very successful. Pilots who bashed up and down an inland ridge were not rewarded too highly and the tricky judgement calls that previously had to be made when someone protested a flight (which was quite common, especially in the winter months) were totally eliminated.

So this year we have tweaked the concept further, restricting turnpoint flights on sea cliffs to a start point, a single turnpoint and a finish point. The reason for this is to prevent the inclusion of long flights that require perseverance rather than cross-country skills.