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XC League Rules - Changes
The rule changes over the years.

Rule Changes for 2008

The following changes were implemented for this season:

  1. Ridge-lift criteria abandoned for inland flying
  2. Two-tier system of multipliers introduced for circuit flights
  3. Declared minimum distance up from 15km to 25km
  4. Declared multiplers reduced to previous (lower) levels
  5. Mandatory 3D tracklogs introduced (where GPS is used)
  6. Changes to Competition Goal flights
  7. Clarified wing displayed criteria
  8. Lat/Lon coordinates allowed for declarations

1. Ridge lift

This rule stated that the majority your flight had to be out of ridge lift in order to get a multiplier. However, defining what constitutes ridge lift has been a contentious issue in the past. Inland, it is very difficult to pinpoint if lift has been produced by purely wind being deflected up a hill (not allowed), or if weak thermals, wave or convergence have been involved (allowed).

The rule was originally introduced to stop pilots from winning the XC League by flying up and down sea cliffs like the Blackgang Chine run on the Isle of Wight and will still apply to flights on sea cliffs. For any flights inland, the definition has been abandoned in favour of a two-tier band of flight multipliers.

2. Two-tier multipliers

This system applies to loop flights (ie. Out and Returns and Triangles). It awards lower multipliers for flights under 25km, and reduces the FAI triangle multiplier to x 2.7. Introduced to stop inland flights which may be using ridge lift to get too high a multiplier. There are very few ridges which would allow easy 25km flights.

3. Declared minimum distance

Increased from 15km to 25km, as it was felt that the multipliers should not be awarded for shorter flights (especially as these flights could be flown in mainly ridge-lift).

4. Declared multiplers reduced

Last season's increase was instigated to encourage declared flights, which were just not being done. The result was certainly successful - the Flight to Goal record was broken 4 times, the first declared Out and Return was completed and there were 5 declared triangles flown, only 2 having ever been completed before. Two of these triangles were flown back-to-back in a single flight, breaking the speed record in the process.

This increase was not without its detractors, however, who felt that the multipliers were too high and skewed the validity of the league. So the multipliers are back to their previous levels. If they are as many declared flights as last season, then it will be interesting to see how people will feel about these original multipliers.

5. Mandatory 3D tracklogs

Brings us into line with current FAI rules. Only applies when a tracklog is used as flight evidence.

6. Competition Goals and declared flights

It is a bit of a compromise fitting a competition flight to an XC League declared flight. Based on last season's experiences and complaints, we have come up with another way of trying to keep everyone happy.

7. Wing displayed in table

Reworded the rule concerning the wing displayed on the XC League: to be the wing used on the highest scoring flight.

8. Lat/lon coordinates in declarations

Introduced because current flight instruments do not display OS coordinates.