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Cash, trophies and gear - see what you can win.

XC League Prizes

The XC League uses the entry fees to provide trophies and cash prizes for the winners. In addition to these are special one-off cash prizes.


Trophies are awarded for the following categories:

  • 1st place
  • 2nd place
  • 3rd place
  • Womens League winner
  • Club Leagues winner
  • Weekend League winner
  • Winter League winner
  • Distance Only League winner
  • Overseas League winner

Cash Prizes

The XC League gives £1000 of cash prizes to the overall winners of the National and Weekend Leagues:

National League

  • 1st: £250
  • 2nd: £190
  • 3rd: £140
  • 4th: £100
  • 5th: £70

Weekend League

  • 1st: £125
  • 2nd: £75
  • 3rd: £50

Special Prizes

These prizes are not specific to any year. They will remain on offer until they are won.

Open Distance

  • £1000 and a trophy for the first 350km straight-line distance in the UK.
  • £500 and a trophy for the first 200km straight-line distance on a tandem in the UK.

FAI Triangles

  • £500 and a trophy for the first 150km FAI triangle in the UK.
  • £500 and a trophy for the first 120km FAI triangle on an EN C in the UK.
  • £500 and a trophy for the first 100km FAI triangle on an EN B in the UK.
  • £500 and a trophy for the first 100km FAI triangle on a tandem in the UK.

Total Points

  • £1000 for the first person to score 1000 points in the UK on a wing with a maximum aspect ratio of 5.70 (foot-launch only). Prize from Mike Cavanagh.

Rules for Special Prizes

All flights must be on a paraglider and recorded as valid scoring flights in the UK Paragliding XC. League.

  1. Distances are the minimum km distance required for the category, measured as either Open Distance, or FAI Triangle flights without the multiplier.
  2. EN (or equivalent) classification is that certified for the size of the wing. If a size is not certified, the wing is not eligible for classification categories. Flights on lower classified wings are eligible for higher classification categories.
  3. Prizes are cumulative. For example, a 122km FAI triangle on an EN B would win the 100km and 120km prizes.
  4. Tandem flights must be flown on wings specifically designed to carry a passenger. Both pilot and passenger must meet current BHPA tandem requirements.
  5. Aspect ratio is the flat aspect ratio specified in the manufacturer's technical literature. In the case of any anomalies, Mike Cavanagh's decision is final.

Total Points history

Richard Westgate offered a £1000 prize from his own money to the first pilot scoring 1000 points in the UK. This was eventually achieved in 2011 by Mike Cavanagh, closely followed by Richard himself. Mike subsequently decided to use his winnings for similar prizes, offering two £1000 prizes restricted to foot-launch only flights.

His prize for the first person to score 1500 points in the UK was won in 2018 by Hugh Miller and Luke Nicol, with Mike generously increasing the shared prize money to £1500 to reflect the points scored.