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Hugh Burnaby-Atkins  All flights
National League 2024
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Tow-launch Flight to Goal on a Paraglider
Ozone Photon
14th April 2024
3hrs 48mins
North Luffenham
Nr Cromer
52.62975, -0.60338
52.62957, -0.60768
52.92453, 1.28947
52.93365, 1.28533
Distance and Score
0.80k  (cylinders)
x 1.25
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Height: metres
Climb: m/sec
Speed: km/h
Distance: km

Climb and Speed averaged over 4 second intervals.

These values may be lower than those shown by a flight instrument, which has access to continuous raw data.

Red values indicate suspect data, because the tracklog contains invalid points.

Metric units are used for all chart data, except for Height which is shown in feet.

Height   -   GPS data
Maximum Height
4557 ft
Lowest Save
1391 ft
Takeoff Height
282 ft
Landing Height
75 ft
Total Ascent 29406 ft
Height Gain
Above Takeoff 4275 ft
Maximum 4278 ft
Low Point
279 ft
High Point
as Maximum Height
4557 ft
Climb   -   Pressure data
Maximum Climb
6.0 m/s
Minimum Climb
-4.3 m/s
Maximum Speed
81.9 km/h
Average Speed
around course
34.5 km/h
Average Speed
over track length
46.2 km/h
Flight Duration 4hrs 14mins
Track Points 15250
Recording Interval 1 secs
Statistics Interval 4 secs
Track Length 195.8 km
Invalid Positions
[< 1%]
Flight instrument
Type Flyskyhy
Model 8.2
Firmware 8.2

Climb and Speed averaged over 4 second intervals.

These values may be lower than those shown by a flight instrument, which has access to continuous raw data.

Red values indicate suspect data, because the tracklog contains invalid points.

Average Speed around course is measured from Start to Finish points.

Track Length is the cumulative distance between track points from Takeoff to Landing.

You can change the default units displayed - see the Options page.

It's rare that a flight goes according to plan but this one did. The forecast had held steady since the beginning of the week and excitement was mounting that I might not only get my new Photon in the air (it had been lying in its wrapping for two weeks as the rain fell and the wind blew); but also that I might set an ambitious goal from Rutland to the Norfolk coast with Cromer in my sights. I even risked talking about plans in advance on Telegram - normally the kiss of death.

I got to the airfield early, opened up the hangar and helped set up the gates while Pete Howes prepped the winches, then unpacked the new wing. An attempt to ground handle it the previous evening was blown out so this really was straight out of the bag. Pete briefed us for operations at 10:30 and with a nice sky and birds already circling I got ready. Nathan Kirk made a valiant effort to Launch Marshal me into taking the first line but I really did need to get the wing open. After a few minutes of kiting I was happy all was well and snuck in for the last line of the first set. By now Marc Booth, who had taken the first line around 11:30, was climbing out nicely downwind. Clipping in, I reverse launched and was quickly away. I released into steady sink but tracked right and hey presto! - the big tarmac lorry park in the barracks was working and I was off into a nice climb, 1-up over carrying me over the cement works and away. Base was already 3.8k at 11:40 with a good breeze and direction as forecast.

And it just seemed to work. Thermals were where they were needed, with nice Cu's marking tops. Andy Gaskell nearly caught me up on his Sigma but lost the lift and I watched him land near Peterborough, sad not to have a companion. Next came some cross wind crabbing (I had to say that - we're off to Cromer after all) to set up south of Crowland ATZ. I only just made it, mincing along at 2k and sneaking past. But then pinged out, hitting a cloud street off a pig farm that carried me past Wisbech and beyond Kings Lynn.

Base was now 4,8k and I'd climb up and then soar under the strong lift, barring it under the strongest part of the cloud to stay clear then race to the next one. The air now seemed clearer and the Norfolk coastline stretched out from the Wash in a great sweeping curve to the far skyline.

Every now and then I'd be climbing up and see a petrel soar up past me and I'd shift a few hundred yards into the big lift. Until at last it was 20km to goal and I was down to 2 grand with Sheringham on my left and it was marginal if I'd make it. Another pig farm proved the charm, and I knew with a few blips of the vario that I'd make it. And then another petrel streaking up past me and in minutes I had followed it blasting up past 4 grand as the sea breeze lifted the already powerful last thermal. Plenty of time to boat around and take pictures. And then the magic goal jingle from the vario and I'd done it.

For a moment it got a bit rowdy and I had a dawning realization that if I need my reserve here I would drift well out to sea. I pegged it back inland fast and bled off height in sink - not easy as this wing is so efficient. And then I spot another glider - Anthony Pettit coming into land just before me having left half an hour later. High fives, a dash for the station (sadly no time for an ice cream) picking up a couple of beers for a convivial retrieve after a magical flight.

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