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Cash, trophies and gear - see what you can win.

XC League Prizes

The XC League uses the entry fees to provide trophies and cash prizes for the winners. In addition to these are special one-off cash prizes.


Our stylish glass trophies show the tracklog of a pilot's best flight. They are awarded for the following categories:

  • 1st place
  • 2nd place
  • 3rd place
  • Womens League winner
  • Club Leagues winner
  • Weekend League winner
  • Winter League winner
  • Distance Only League winner
  • Overseas League winner

Cash Prizes

The XC League gives £1000 of cash prizes to the overall winners of the National and Weekend Leagues:

National League

  • 1st: £250
  • 2nd: £190
  • 3rd: £140
  • 4th: £100
  • 5th: £70

Weekend League

  • 1st: £125
  • 2nd: £75
  • 3rd: £50

Special Prizes

These prizes are not specific to any year. They will remain on offer until they are won.

  • £500 and a trophy for the first person to fly a straight-line distance of 300km or more in the UK. Prize from the XC League.
  • £1000 for the first person to score 1000 points in the UK on a wing with a maximum aspect ratio of 5.70 (foot-launch only). Prize from Mike Cavanagh
  • £1000 for the first person to score 1500 points in the UK (foot-launch only). Prize from Mike Cavanagh

All flights must be valid scoring flights in the UK National Paragliding XC League.